Founder’s Message

It is not often that a plan conceived in a flash of insight and intuition actually comes to any fruition at all, let alone perfectly.

But at the end of 2011, I predicted that 2012 would be a year of integration and streamlining of operations, as we vacate our three different rented locations and move to a newly renovated and wholly owned property in the burgeoning and creative hub called Liberty Village in Toronto.

And so it has been! A business previously doing $10 million in revenue (with a staff of 76) has absorbed businesses generating $50 million (with a staff of 177) and is today running a $60 million enterprise with nearly 250 people.

The last pieces are about to fall into place to conclude a strategy we set upon less than five years ago.

My insight was that even that massive market-moving and ultra youthful generation known as the boomers had inevitably to age; and that if they were considered dominant while they were young (because of their size), then surely they must still be dominant even if they were getting older.

And what is old anyway these days? When does it begin? How should society understand and respond to the deep changes at hand given that we are all, generally speaking, living longer and better? In Canada, that discussion is led with vigour by the Advocacy Association known as CARP, of which I am also the President.

My intuition was that a multimedia company devoted to the 15.1 million Canadians who are 45-plus would strengthen immeasurably an organization devoted to looking after the rights and interests of all Canadians as we age; and vice versa.

Thus, I set out to acquire or create titles – on all platforms: broadcast, print, digital – specialized in this new demo that marketers have yet to fully appreciate but will inevitably rediscover and covet.

First, I picked up two neglected radio gems – Classical 96.3 and AM 740 – precisely because of their unique formats and older audiences. These were refreshed and segmented such that FM is particularly strong in 35-65 and AM “owns” everyone beyond that.

Simultaneously, I was able to secure control of CARP, the magazine, which was then evolved into our acclaimed flagship brand Zoomer magazine. Our magazine makeover has been universally well received (winner of two Canadian newsstand awards – Gold and Bronze – for Best Newsstand Issue of the Year) and recently dubbed The Baby Boomer Bible by, the industry’s go-to source for the latest trends and news from the magazine world.

Our Conference and Live Events Division is growing rapidly, with record attendances at the ZoomerShows in Toronto and Vancouver and new Expos to be launched in Ottawa and Calgary in 2013.

My next act was to secure the support of Canada’s most celebrated investor, Prem Watsa, whose financing allowed us to enable our/my re-entry into my first love – television – and close the acquisition of the Vision Group of TV Channels, as well as to place some of our stock in influential hands.

2012/13 are years of integration and streamlining of operations. Our rented locations have been vacated. Our entire enterprise – the Magazine, CARP, the Television Division, the Radio Division, our websites, Finance, Sales, Interactive, Marketing, Communications, Creative Services, our in-house Commercial and Production Unit and my MZTV Museum of Television – is now installed at The ZoomerPlex, our new Liberty Village compound.

So, welcome to ZoomerMedia Limited and the media properties that we have so recently transformed, serving the dominant demographic that I encourage you to take a closer look at.

Looking forward to hosting everyone at The ZoomerPlex!

Moses Znaimer