CARP – Affiliate Advocacy Association

CARP is Canada’s leading non-partisan, non-profit, advocacy organization for older Canadians, representing 300,000 members.

CARP is committed to helping Canadians thrive as they age by advocating for better access to healthcare, retirement security, and freedom from age discrimination.

Advocating for change – CARP is committed to enhancing the quality of life for Canadians as we age. CARP was named one of the most powerful lobby groups by the respected political newsletter, the Hill Times, and has become the “go-to” source for the media whenever they want a comment or reaction to a government policy dealing with health, pensions, retirement or other topics related to aging.
CARP’s advocacy efforts focus on three main areas:

Health Finances Rights

  • Wait time guarantees
  • More home and community care
  • National pharmacare, affordable drugs for all
  • Caregiver support
  • Pension Reform
  • Investor protection
  • Increased income support to eliminate seniors’ poverty
  • Rights for older workers
  • End to elder abuse
  • End to age discrimination

Find out more about CARP’s Advocacy program.

Creating value for members –CARP’s buying power means that CARP members can save hundreds, even thousands of dollars a year, through a robust menu of “members-only” discounts and benefits on products and services they can use. It’s almost impossible not to earn back many times the $19.95 annual membership cost.

CARP members benefit from:

  • Products and services they use and value, such as the exclusive Zoomer Wireless low rate plan and phone, which features unique safety features ideally suited to 45-plus users.
  • CARP Insurance which offers comprehensive home and auto and travel insurance coverage
  • Nationally recognized brands, backed by quality providers with proven track records of customer satisfaction
  • Meaningful discounts or value-added extras that are exclusive to members
  • Variety and choice for everyone, such as discounts on hotels, travel and car rental; health and fitness; emergency roadside assistance; optical services and telephone; dining and entertainment; a no-fee Zoomer Rewards MasterCard with cash back on purchases.

For more information on member benefits visit CARP’s benefits page

Building our communities – CARP is committed to build a strong sense of common cause and common voice, with a broad diversity of individuals, groups and communities. CARP national influence is strengthened by its local chapter network across Canada, which has grown rapidly and now tops 60 – spanning the country from Victoria, B.C., to St. John’s, N.L.

CARP Chapters provide a venue for like-minded people to meet, share ideas and experiences, and contribute to the community. CARP Chapters also serve as valuable eyes and ears on the ground for CARP’s advocacy efforts, identifying local and regional issues and helping CARP to make change.

For more information about CARP’s chapters visit CARP’s community page

ZOOMER MAGAZINE – Every issue of Zoomer magazine has a special section devoted to CARP, with updates on CARP activities, a summary of current member benefits and news about CARP Chapter initiatives in communities across Canada. Zoomer magazine also provides CARP members with news, information and ideas to help them live the life they want.

ZOOMER MEDIA– In addition to the coverage in Zoomer magazine, CARP enjoys access to all of ZoomerMedia’s channels. ZoomerMedia hosts CARP’s website, and CARP’s activities are regularly reported on ZoomerMedia’s radio stations, TV network and other websites. No other advocacy organization in Canada has similar access to a multimedia channel of communication, which makes CARP’s influence that much stronger.