10,381,000That’s how many Zoomers spent at least 15 hours online over the past 7 days – that's almost half (47.4%) of all Canadians who did so.Source: Vividata Fall 2021

Make no mistake — Canada’s most powerful audience is online in force!

  • 12.8 million Zoomers went online yesterday. That’s 74.8% of all Zoomers, and 48.1% of all Canadians were on the Internet yesterday.
  • 8.9 million Zoomers shopped online in the past 30 days. That’s half (51%) of all Canadians who did so.

So under both measurements, the number of Zoomers active online added up to more than all other age groups combined.

It’s not surprising, then, that ZoomerMedia has a strong online presence, attracting this vast audience with content tailored to their specific needs and interests.

Our flagship site, generates more than 1.2 million visits per month, with a mix of information and entertainment ranging from health and wellness to finance to travel to lifestyle. EverythingZoomer also produces eight different e-newsletters, with an average opt-in subscription of 60,000+.




blogTO is the leading digital source for local Toronto news, culture, trends, restaurant reviews, event listings, and all the best the city has to offer.

Founded in 2004, blogTO is now the foremost local publisher in Canada across digital and social media platforms. With over 350 million page views annually, and 2.5 million followers across Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and Twitter, blogTO is unrivaled in Canadian media.

blogTO’s reach and brand awareness among the Gen Z and Millennial demographic in Toronto complements ZoomerMedia’s focus on the 45+ demographic.

“The demographics go arm-in-arm. Now we speak to the whole family.” – Moses 

Visit is the online voice of CARP, the non-profit, non-partisan advocacy association, and one of the main ways Canadians can become members and read about CARP in the news. Through, CARP sends out to 90,000 members a biweekly e-newsletter called CARP Action Online that also contains a poll on CARP’s advocacy issues and concerns important to its members. is also the place to get information on advocacy priorities, member benefits and CARP Chapter meetings as well as special social and educational events taking place across Canada.


On, viewers of Canada’s only multi-faith channel can access daily show schedules, stream original documentaries on subjects from the apocalypse to world religions and matters of the heart, enter contests and catch up on their favourite episodes of much-loved series like the award-winning British soap EastEnders, the classic Upstairs, Downstairs and, coming soon, Season 3 of the Emmy-winning runaway hit miniseries Downton Abbey.


ONETV: GET FIT boasts a rich library of health and wellness programs from Veria TV, the leading U.S. content provider in the genre. Articles highlight monthly themed programming, yoga and meditation tips. Daily schedules feature shows for body, mind, spirit, and love.


AM radio has never sounded so good! allows listeners around the world to hear the last music station on the AM dial in the Greater Toronto Area in CD-quality sound,
 delivered in a 128-k stereo stream. Special features include the option to own music just heard with a direct link to purchase and download directly from Apple, a diary of history’s greatest musical moments and on-demand downloadable radio show podcasts for iPhones and iPods via Apple iTunes.


Classical music fans around the world can listen live to Canada’s only commercial all-classical radio stations — Classical96.3fm, Classical102.9fm, and Classical103.1fm — at our brand new super-site: Special features include the option to discover and own music just heard with a direct link to purchase and download directly from Apple, browse a vast video library of concerts recorded live as part of the New Classical 96.3 FM Concert Lobby series and stay on top of the arts world with breaking news, listings and regularly updated reviews.