“Just look at the breadth and depth of VisionTV these days – from The Waltons to top-notch comedy and on to provocative docs about faith and religion.” —John Doyle, The Globe and Mail

VISIONTV – appropriately dubbed Zoomer® Television – is Canada’s only English-language specialty channel focusing exclusively on the tastes, interests and needs of the 45-plus market.


In the past five years, VisionTV’s 45-plus audience has tripled and now comprises 85 per cent of the channel’s viewership. Appropriately dubbed ZoomerTV, the channel’s schedule rests on five pillars serving the viewing interests of the 45-plus:

VisionTV airs the best British classic and contemporary comedies and dramas — plus the #1-rated soap, Eastenders, about the lives of the residents of London’s Albert Square.

VisionTV has the exclusive Canadian broadcast rights to Downton Abbey, the international hit whose Emmy haul adds up to the most ever received by any non-American miniseries. VisionTV also has the exclusive Canadian broadcast rights to the acclaimed Upstairs, Downstairs, both the legendary 1971 series and the Emmy-nominated 2010 miniseries, about the lives of an aristocratic family and its servants in the London townhouse at 165 Eaton Place.

VisionTV is Canada’s premiere source for hit contemporary comedy series like Doc Martin, starring Martin Clunes as U.K.’s grumpiest MD, and eternally popular classic and contemporary comedies like Keeping Up Appearances, Father Ted, Are You Being Served, Miranda, Last of the Summer Wine and Absolutely Fabulous.

Great Hollywood classics and contemporary blockbuster hits offer viewers both secular and spiritual cinematic entertainment.

VisionTV’s popular “Four Weeks of Christmas” features more than 100 hours of holiday-themed movies, making the channel Canada’s Christmas television destination.

VisionTV’s original productions continue to be recognized as the most innovative, compelling and critically acclaimed programming on television.

VisionTV is the Canadian home of award-winning documentary producers including three-time Emmy Award-winner Simcha Jacobivici (The Lost Tomb of Jesus; Jesus Discovery; Naked Archeologist) and Martin Himel (Infidelity; Persecuted Christians). Series such as Sex and Religion and The Science of Sin (Banff Rockies Award nominee) have generated critical acclaim from TV critics such as the Globe and Mail’s John Doyle who applauded their “thoughtful journalism” and wrote, “Sex and spiritual enlightenment go together like hockey and beer commercials. Yes, it is plausible to be a smart, sensitive, faith-inclined human being whilst also being seriously interested in sinning.” (May 2011).

WORLD FAITHS: An impressive 70 different communities are represented on VisionTV’s multi-faith and multicultural programs. In fact, VisionTV showcases the most diverse range of independent producers each year, producing approximately 1,800 hours of original Canadian content annually from a broad spectrum of Christian-, Muslim-, Hindu- and Sikh-based groups.

VisionTV plays a public and community role unmatched by any other service in Canada as the only channel that makes airtime available to such diverse Canadian expressions.

Faith is another way of saying “belief in the unexplained.” VisionTV pursues documentary subjects offering viewers a window into the fascinating world of the unknown.

Original series like I Prophesy, The Conspiracy Show, and Apocalypse … When? explore the higher order of science and the cosmos and ask the question: Is there some sort of organizing principle?

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