Moses Znaimer and VisionTV to host the first-ever Yiddish singing of O Canada

May 31, 2017

For immediate release: Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Moses Znaimer and VisionTV to host the first-ever Yiddish singing of

‘O Canada’

in Celebration of Canada’s 150th Birthday

Translation by Hindy Nosek-Abelson

Tuesday, June 6 at 6pm ET

Toronto, ON: On Tuesday, June 6 at 7pm ET, Moses Znaimer, Canadian media maven and Executive Producer of VisionTV, will host a group of multi-generational and multi-cultural choristers in the singing of Canada’s national anthem, O Canada, in an unprecedented Yiddish version by Hindy Nosek-Abelson, a lyrical translator of Yiddish poetry and songs, lecturer and Yiddish dialect coach for stage and film.

The Yiddish language version of Canada’s National Anthem will be sung at The ZoomerPlex in Toronto’s Liberty Village and be shot for broadcast on VisionTV. The ZoomerPlex is the home of ZoomerMedia, the multi-media company Moses founded in 2008, devoted to content and services for Canada’s 15.8 million people aged 45plus, the population Moses has dubbed “Zoomers”.

“Yiddish was the first language of most Jewish immigrants to Canada from the late 1800s on. While Yiddish was almost extinguished in the Holocaust, there remains a powerful love for the language shared by many people, now mostly Zoomers. It is also enjoying an academic and musical renaissance with Yiddish courses offered in most major universities including Oxford, UCLA, Columbia, McGill and University of Toronto,” said Nosek-Abelson.

But you don’t have to be a Zoomer or Jewish to participate! Everyone is welcome to sing this inaugural Yiddish performance of O Canada. A transliteration will be provided in English as well as the lyrics in Yiddish, and the words will be projected on screens complete with a bouncing ball so everyone can easily follow along.

Moses was born in Kulab, Tajikistan to Polish and Latvian parents who were fleeing anti-semitic persecution and Nazi extermination. His father Aron and mother Chaya were each the sole Survivor of their respective families.

After landing in a Displaced Person’s Camp in Kassel, Germany after WWII, the Znaimers arrived in Canada in May 1948. Moses’ arrival was in fact captured by a photographer from the most widely circulated nationally syndicated weekend newspaper supplement The Standard who snapped a photo of Moses walking the gangplank complete with Red Cross tag on his lapel. The picture appeared on the Cover of the magazine, above a caption which read: “D.P. with a future” a fitting and prophetic tag. (photo attached)

Hindy’s parents were also Holocaust survivors. Coincidentally, through this initiative, it came to light that of the 370 DP camps set up in Germany after the war, Hindy was born in the same camp that Moses’ family ended up in.

“My father was from Poland. He lost most of his family including a 10-year old daughter. My mother, who was from the Ukraine, lost three children all under the age of 10. We arrived in Halifax at Pier 21 in 1950, mid-winter. Canada gave both of them their first taste of freedom. They were eternally grateful to be here. I translated O Canada for my parents and all of the other Yiddish speaking immigrants who felt blessed to come to this country and would have sung this anthem with the greatest of pride,” said Nosek-Abelson.

Other notable participants who have signed on to sing include visual and vocal artist and host of The New Classical FM’s Nocturne Marilyn Lightstone, contemporary painter Charles Pachter, Lighthouse band co-founder Paul Hoffert, producer Brenda Hoffert, writer Dan Bloom, actor David Gale, singer Lenka Lichtenberg, pianist David Warrack, members of the Varsity Jews, Octava Choir, and Jewish Music Week and Song Shul co-founders Aliza Spiro and Cantor Simon Spiro, who will provide Musical Direction for the event.

VisionTV will broadcast Yiddish O Canada around a special Canada 150 episode of theZoomer, the channel’s flagship current affairs show.


Date:Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Time: 6pm for complimentary Caplansky’s Smoked Meat Sandwiches and refreshments

Location: The ZoomerPlex, 70 Jefferson Avenue in Toronto’s Liberty Village

Free parking on site in The ZoomerPlex lot



Leanne Wright
ZoomerMedia Limited (TSXV: ZUM)