OneTV is the go-to channel to get fit with programs on yoga, meditation, healthy living, organic cooking, spirituality, relationships, and love. ONE’s experts will inspire you with practical ways to unlock your potential, take charge of your life, and transform yourself into the person you always wanted to be!


BODY: The morning fitness block showcases a range of exercises that provide stimulating low-impact aerobic activities designed to burn calories: yoga, pilates, belly dancing, Bollyfit (Bollywood musical meets cardio workout) and the new original series called Anjelica’s Dance Workout, a 30 minute show that incorporates moves from Flamenco, bellydance and contemporary world dance into an easy-to-follow and fun cardio routine. Yoga and meditation shows feature popular Canadian fitness experts like Audi Gozlan (kabbalah yoga), Deborah Devine (Healing Yoga) and Padma, Canada’s Meditation Master and one of the world’s most respected teachers of yoga and self-realization.

MIND: What’s on the minds of wellness guru Deepak Chopra, environmentalist Robert F. Kennedy Jr., business titan Conrad Black, and literary giant Margaret Atwood? Find out by watching ideacity, featuring talks by these and other iconic gurus, visionaries, innovators, creators and agitators at Moses Znaimer’s famous annual conference.

SPIRIT: ONETV helps viewers awaken their best selves and discover a deeper connection to the world around them, with the DAILY FIX, weekdays at 3 PM ET, featuring original ZoomerMedia series Ask Dr. Zach, Healing Yoga, Organic Panic, Messages From Spirit with renowned oracle Colette Baron-Reid, and Diving Intervention with relationship guru Rabbi Shmuley Boteach.

After midnight, ONETV broadcasts romantic reality series about finding true love, such as eLove and Arrange Me a Marriage, plus Beautiful Little Classics, sensual imagery accompanied by the worlds most beautiful music.

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