Omri Tintpulver

Chief Digital Officer

Mr. Tintpulver is a digital disruptor focused on equipping startups and media companies with the tools they need to create value from data, product development, technology innovation and operational excellence. His specialties are translating business needs into technology solutions, driving digital transformation, and helping underdogs battle giants at the intersection of media and digital.

Prior to joining ZoomerMedia Limited in 2015, Mr. Tintpulver served as the CIO at Brunico Communications, a global B2B media company where he led the Digital, IT, Data Operations, Customer Service, and Production teams, from 2006. Under his leadership, the company became a model of digital innovation and operational excellence.

Mr. Tintpulver co-founded the fast-growing healthcare technology company meshMD in 2007 and now sits on the board.