Laas Turnbull

Chief Audience Officer

Mr. Turnbull is widely recognized as one of the media world’s most creative, innovative executives. He was most recently Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of The Grid, a Toronto city magazine that he launched for Torstar in 2011. In addition to being the world’s first true hybrid of a newspaper and a magazine, The Grid was named World’s Best Designed Newspaper for three years running by New York’s Society for News Design. During that time, Mr. Turnbull was also a member of the Executive Committee of Star Media Group, which includes the Toronto Star, Metro and other leading media brands.

Mr. Turnbull has held a variety of other top positions in the Canadian media industry. During the dot-com boom, he became the Editor-in-Chief of Shift magazine, which he launched internationally and established as a leading voice in the emerging world of digital culture. He was then named Director of Magazine Development at The Globe and Mail and Editor of Report on Business magazine. Mr. Turnbull went on to become Executive Vice-President of Brunico Communications, a global B2B media company and Canada’s largest independent B2B publisher.

In addition to co-authoring a Canadian best-seller—Urban Decoder: Secrets from the Dark Underbelly of the Mega-city—Mr. Turnbull sits on the boards of Dingo Mobile and The Stop Community Food Centre.