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David Vickers

Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Vickers is the Chief Financial Officer of ZoomerMedia Limited since March 2017. Read More...

Laas Turnbull

Chief Audience Officer, ZoomerMedia Ltd.
Mr. Turnbull is widely recognized as one of the media world’s most creative, innovative executives. Read More...

Omri Tintpulver

Chief Information Officer, ZoomerMedia Limited
Mr. Tintpulver is a digital disruptor focused on equipping startups and media companies with the tools they need. Read More...

Suzanne Boyd

Editor-in-Chief, Zoomer Magazine
Editor-in-Chief, everythingzoomer.com

“She is the only Canadian editor who is her own brand,” said Moses Znaimer, Founder and CEO of ZoomerMedia Ltd., when he announced Suzanne Boyd’s appointment as the founding Editor-In-Chief of Zoomer Magazine. Read More...

David Sersta

Vice President, Conferences, Shows, CARP Benefits, Corporate Partnerships
Mr. Sersta leads the Digital Sales Division for all online properties and is VP of Benefits and Corporate Partnerships for CARP and ZoomerMedia Limited.VP Conferences, Shows, Digital Sales, CARP Benefits, Corporate Partnerships Read More...

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