About Us

Welcome to ZoomerMedia Limited, a global leader in creating information, entertainment and experiences uniquely designed to serve the world’s largest and most affluent generation – the 45-plus.

ZoomerMedia’s brands enable advertisers to reach this coveted group in almost all media platforms – print, TV, radio, digital, consumer shows, and conferences as well as through affinity programs with CARP, Canada’s largest association for the 45-plus, with more than 300,000 members.

Open a newspaper, turn on the television, read a blog … It’s likely you’ll find yet another story about the enormous power and influence of the 45-plus population – the people who are literally reinventing aging.

They outnumber all other age groups combined and they outspend all other age groups combined. Yet for too long, advertisers and mainstream media were fixated on the youth market and vastly undervalued and underserved the 45-plus population.

That’s why, in 2008, internationally renowned Canadian broadcaster Moses Znaimer announced his New Vision of Aging for Canada – a vision that would provide the 45-plus population with media exclusively focused on its needs and interests, validating its importance, championing its rights and serving as the voice of the revolution in aging.

Today, the essential building blocks of that media portfolio are in place. Marketers are beginning to pay attention, shifting demographic targets more toward the older age groups. ZoomerMedia will continue to evolve, adding more content, more formats, more ways to help and inspire this audience to live longer and live better.

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