VisionTV Presents Rabbi Scmuley Boteach in the world premiere of a new television talk series, “Divine Intervention”

February 16

VisionTV Presents Rabbi Shmuley Boteach
in the world premiere of a new television talk series,
“Divine Intervention”
Weekdays at 3pm ET starting Monday, February 22, 2016

“Shmuley Boteach – the TV personality and Orthodox rabbi who isn’t afraid to talk very publicly and very explicitly about sex, intimacy and all things private – is hosting a new talk show.” –

VisionTV has announced a new addition to its afternoon lineup. Weekdays at 3pm ET starting Monday, February 22, the specialty channel will broadcast Divine Intervention, an original new talk series hosted by relationship guru Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, called “the most famous Rabbi in America” by Washington Post and Newsweek.

In each episode, Rabbi Shmuley conducts one-on-one counseling sessions with individuals seeking self-improvement, spiritual growth, and practical advice to make positive changes in their lives. Subjects range from sexuality, infidelity, divorce, abuse, platonic marriage and religion, to parenting, self worth, eating disorders, and gender-related issues.

“No subject is taboo; we deal with absolutely everything,” said Rabbi Shmuley.

As a child of divorce, Rabbi Shmuley admits that he deeply relates to other people’s problems. One episode that was particularly painful for Rabbi Shmuley to shoot, was a discussion with his mother regarding her marriage to his father that broke down many family dynamics for the first time.

In fact, half of Rabbi Shmuley’s 30 books, including Kosher Lust, Kosher Sex, and 10 Conversations You Need To Have With Your Children, were inspired by his childhood experiences, how he dealt with relationship challenges, and consciously sought ways to be a better husband, and father to his nine children.

Rabbi Shmuley previously hosted the hit reality TV series Shalom In The Home, which premiered in Canada on VisionTV’s sister channel ONE, in which he guides troubled families on a 10-day journey to constructively address their problems.

Series Executive Producer Moses Znaimer refers to Rabbi Shmuley as “dynamic and ultra-contemporary, and yet deeply rooted”, and was inspired to create Divine Intervention following Rabbi Shmuley’s appearances at his annual ideacity conference in Toronto where he spoke about the importance of lust to a happy family life.


1. In the 1990s, Rabbi Shmuley formed a strong connection with the late Michael Jackson. Their bond was reportedly so tight that many considered Shmuley to be Jackson’s unofficial spiritual advisor. In 2009, following Jackson’s death, Shmuley released the book, “The Michael Jackson Tapes: A Tragic Icon Reveals His Soul in Intimate Conversation.

2. Rabbi Shmuley also became such a favourite of Oprah Winfrey that he hosted his own program on Oprah’s SiriusXM satellite radio station. He’s also contributed various articles to

3. This past January,Rabbi Shmuley appeared on The View to discuss his book Kosher Lust and why “love may be ruining your marriage”.

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