At ZoomerMedia, we’re not confused about print. Zoomers love magazines –
particularly ZoomerMagazine, the voice of the Zoomer generation. That’s why
our readership is now 1.5 million.

Zoomers understand, and value, the many advantages of print:

zoomer-mag-nov-2016Print stays. You can touch it, feel it, put it away and pick it up again, even collect it.

Print can be shared. Sure you can always send a digital link of an article, but there is something more personal and enduring about giving someone a copy of a magazine.

Print is an experience.
It’s true – print is more physical, tactile, even sensual. You’re more immersed in what you’re reading. Your attention is more engaged.

It’s no surprise, then, that Canada’s largest, wealthiest and most engaged audience still wants to read magazines. The surprise would be if we didn’t have one for them. (Or if you didn’t want to speak to them there.)

Of course, being Zoomers – in other words, absolute media addicts and the original influencers – they love digital, too. enriches our readers’ lives by amplifiying our relevant and inspiring content.

The audience has grown steadily to more than 2 million page views per month, and over 80,000 subscribers to each of 6 different e-newsletter titles. evz-dot-com-mobile

Bottom line: You can’t effectively reach Zoomers without print. And digital.

Two channels. One source: ZoomerMedia.

We’re happy to take all the print ads you have…digital, too!
Call your ZoomerMedia sales rep or 416-607-7730 for more info.

Print is the preferred platform for reading a Magazine

While Print Only is preferred among a majority of Magazine readers, 42% of readers read via digital devices.

Cross-platform Magazine readership is consistent among all age groups.

While Preference for Print Only increases with age.vividata-chart-p21

Base for both above: Unduplicated Average Issue Reach (18+); 72 Consumer Magazines, National; Source: Vividata 2016 Quarterly Report – Oct 2016. Prepared for ZoomerMedia Limited