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Is your strategy getting old? – RETIRE RETIREMENT

What happens if people keep on working past the “traditional” age of retirement? How many of your marketing models and assumptions fly out the window? ...Read More

Is Your Strategy Getting Old – BUCKET LIST? SHOPPING LIST!

The “bucket list” idea is a strong signal about the reinvention of aging, the refusal of an entire generation to disengage, retire, or retreat as they get older. Which in turn explains why they keep spending. ...Read More

Is your strategy getting old? – YOU’RE SPENDING. THEY’RE NOT.

With so many target demos now defined as 25-54, is it time to take a look at the youngest slice? What would happen if marketers reduce their dollars, even slightly, and added the 55-64 group? Caution: You may not like hearing this! ...Read More

Is Your Strategy Getting Old – YOUR MODEL IS DEAD

Maybe it made sense – in Don Draper’s day – to ignore “older” shoppers because they didn’t have much spending left and their brand habits were set in stone anyway. But today? ...Read More

Is your strategy getting old? – LET’S TALK ABOUT SEX

Sex is still very much a topic for Zoomers. So is spending – big spending – on fashion and beauty and wellness. Are outdated stereotypes costing you sales and market share? ...Read More

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