Zoomer Agency

The Zoomer Agency is an integrated marketing services facility available to ZoomerMedia advertisers and advertising prospects.

The Zoomer Agency can work with you directly, and can also work cooperatively with your existing advertising agency or other marketing communications providers.

Our goal is simple: to help you maximize your effectiveness in marketing to the 45-plus age group.
Increasingly, that effectiveness depends on more than simply reach. Yes, ZoomerMedia can deliver the optimum cost efficiencies against your media buying specs – but beyond the CPMs and the CPPs, are you actually speaking to this audience? Is your message content right? Is it framed in the right context? Are there promotional opportunities – strictly for the Zoomer audience – that would deliver results more quickly or more effectively?

The Zoomer Agency can help you with these issues. Our services include:

  • Zoomer Audience Insights – The Zoomer Agency can help you better understand how our audience relates to your products and your brand (and to competitors) and can serve as a second opinion on marketing and promotional strategies. We can also help you present these insights effectively to your internal stakeholders.
  • Customized Content and Content Packaging – The Zoomer Agency can help you develop advertising and advertorial content to deliver your sales message not as a standalone “interrupter” of other content our audience is engaged with but as valuable content in its own right. This is becoming an increasingly important component of all marketing communications – but it’s particularly powerful when applied to the information-hungry Zoomer consumers.
  • Customized Promotions – The Zoomer Agency can help you develop Zoomer-specific promotions, tied in with ZoomerMedia’s online and offline media properties to directly target the Zoomer audience.
  • The icing on the cake: The CARP Connection – Whether you become a CARP Affinity Partner (with category-exclusive “CARP RECOMMENDED” status) or simply want to leverage your existing marketing program against CARP’s 300,000-plus members, The Zoomer Agency can be your bridge to the CARP organization, counseling you on how best to take advantage of this powerful marketing channel.

In addition to the services of The Zoomer Agency, ZoomerMedia offers services that can save you significant dollars on advertising production:

  • ZoomerMedia’s Production and Distribution department offers a one-stop resource that can handle every phase of video production, from scripting to shooting to editing, plus online deployment, podcasting and both online and offline distribution.
  • ZoomerMedia’s Creative Services department is a full-service art studio offering design and production management for all print media and sales promotion campaigns.

ZoomerMedia wants to work with you! We understand that our success depends on helping you meet your sales and marketing goals. We have the specialized knowledge, and the creative and marketing resources, to be an important asset for you.


David Cravit
Vice-President, Zoomer Agency
64 Jefferson Avenue
Toronto, ON M6K 1Y4
Phone: 416-607-7739
Email: d.cravit@zoomermedia.ca